Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews

If you are trying to understand the tankless water heaters, then you must have heard a lot about the benefits. These units will help you to utilize your utility bills properly, and with these, you can save up to 1/3 of your fuel costs. These tankless heaters can provide an unlimited flow of hot water intermittently. These tankless water heaters are the best fittings that a homeowner will need for his apartment.

Tankless Water Heater Reviews- Rheem RTEX 13

Rheem RTEX-13

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This is by far and all standard the most used and available tankless water heater on the market. The updated version is the RTEX-13, and it is very much better than every of the other model initially produced. Although it was recently released into the market, yet it has already begun to be very reliable and have a better user experience than every other previous one initially produced.
The Rheem is the best choice used for a one-shower household. It can also be used for two showers if they are equipped with 1.5 GPM low flow showerheads. However, this is not the best choice if you stay alone, but it is the best options for those who have roommates in a one-bathroom-apartment.

The most foremost advantage of this Heater is the price; it is the foremost cheapest. It is small, and this is an advantage for those who live alone. Since it is electric, it will be cheaper to install, and even if it doesn’t last more than a year, it would have paid for itself.

It has an optimum flow rate of 4 gallons per minute; this rate is very impressive at this price. This flow rate is necessary because it allows for someone to take a shower and at the same time use the sink for other things.
It is convenient and compact hence you can install it anywhere possible even under the sink.
The lasts version of Rheem RTEX has been equipped with a user-friendly thermostat; the thermostat is digital. It has a very accurate readability, and it shows result in degrees. Its efficiency is about 98%; it is difficult to get a design this efficient.

This Rheem product gives the company the necessary good reputation; its readability is better than all the older version that has been produced. It has a better heating element that is made of copper.


The fact that it is small is already a sign that it is not the most powerful. The two simultaneous showers are not possible with the low flow showerheads. Also, the flow rate is 4 GPM as its maximum hence it wouldn’t be able to use the dual 2.0 GPM fixtures at the same time.
The Rheem is not the most appropriate unit for the big household, maybe more than three persons. It is recommended for apartments and single bathrooms in larger apartments. In the case of making distance suites, it is better to add tankless unit.
Some reviewers are of the opinion that the flow rate might not get to the expected rates in very cold climates; this is so especially in large households. And it is agreed that it is not a unit for the cold climates.


It is the cheapest unit available; it has a large flow rate when compared to the price. It is the best unit for households and apartments. The Rheem can be used in large houses especially when the water usage is monitored. But then, it is advisable not to push it to its limits because it may not stay efficient for a long time when pushed as such. This unit is very popular because it gives a great output for a small price.

Eco smart tankless heater

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Tankless Water Heater Reviews –Ecosmart ECO 27 

This is the most powerful heater. It is designed to provide on-demand heated water even in the coldest climates. In warmer climates, it would be able to run many fixtures at the same time in a larger house. It is the best option for a single-shower setup during cold spots. It is also the best choice for larger households in climes that are moderate.


It does well in the cold. The ECO 27 is the best heater of choice that will stay tough during the cold of winter. It has a 3GPM flow rate; this flow rate is consistent even at 37-degree inlet water temps. This temperature is simply the coldest you could be without allowing the inlet pipes are freezing.
The power rate of ECO 27 comes in handy with warmer applications. It can give up to 6GPM in temperate weather. This rate is good enough to keep two showers; this is possible even if you are using low flow fixtures.
It is affordable, although relatively. But then, it is more efficient than the Rheem unit. The ECO 27 can modulate itself to use energy efficiently when it is programmed to do so, and this ensures there are increased efficiency and energy savings.
The best part of it all is that once it is gotten, it has a lifetime warranty; that is the best part of the coverage. This warranty can even be transferred between owners once a household is sold. Also, once this unit is installed, it increases the market value of your house.


Some reviewers observed that the effective flow rate did not meet up to expectation, especially with colder water weather and their desired climates. And sometimes, only those with a southern climate will have a perfect flow rate because another climate might not be very high enough to ensure there is perfect piping of hot water in the household; of about five persons.
On the lifetime warranty, some reviewers were not satisfied with the kind of customer service they had received when they visited.


It has a very reasonable price tag and a greater ability to power in colder temperatures. The ECO 27 is a great sized option for a 3-5 people household. The perfect flow rate will be lower in the cold climates.
It is a perfect choice if you need some more power and flow than the Rheem RTEX 13 above.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater
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It is a well-reviewed water heater, and it is the best for most of the households of up to 5 people, this function even in cold climates. It has a wonderful price considering the capabilities that is attached to the unit. This unit is the best choice if you have a house that is filled with lots of people. It is also what’s best for anyone who is supposed to hook multiple showers to the same unit.


This unit is very similar in energy to ECO 27 unit. However, it is more reliable and can make available a high flow rate in the cold climates. It is very much preferable to customers. In all of the bulky reviews it got, it just had only one 1-star review. The concerns of this client were the cost of installation, and this is very common to every of the tankless gas water heater. But then, you have the chance of saving lot more than the cost of installation in the long term. In all, this Takagi model is much more reliable than every other type of recommendations.
The ECO 27 will not perform efficiently both in the winter and summer, but it is not so in the Takagi model, it works efficiently in both climates. Also, using two showers at once will not be any problem with this brand, this is true especially for a household that had one low flow showerhead.


This unit costs more than the ECO 27. This unit also performs better than the ECO in cold climates, but then in warmer climates, they will have similar flow rates. Hence the medium size household in warm climates can make use of a cheaper unit.
The Takagi model is not the most powerful unit that has been reviewed. But this unit is okay for anything up for a medium demand. But this unit is not very well appropriate for large households. And if you desire quality and constant supply of hot water, then you would need a higher unit to be installed
This unit is a gas powered unit; then there is a need for higher costs required upfront to vent the gas outward. Hence this is the reason why it costs a little more to install the Takagi than every other unit which is electric.


This is a very good mid-size option if you need a gas heater and you need to be sure of a constant performance in both the cold and the hot climate. But then if you stay in the warm climates, you will appreciate the ECO 27 above. The Takagi is the more reliable option for the long term.


Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor Vent Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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This unit is the upgraded Rheem, and it is the master of the residential tankless water heaters. And when using, you can almost feel the fur. You can take on two showers, use the dishwater, use the hand wash for a pan and then do every other laundry on the unit all that the same time. But then these abilities come at a cost, and this can make it difficult for of persons to get this brand of unit. However, if you need hot water, then this is the best choice.


The upgraded Rheem has a condensing unit, and this helps it to extracts the heat from the gasses exhaust just to get their energy efficiency, and this can improve savings. The Rheem will save lots of money for you because of the condensing natural gas heater; gas is cheaper, and it saves lots of energy; being 90-98% efficient.
This upgraded Rheem is compact even with the upgrade; its compatibility is analyzed based on the power it can put out.
It has a 9.5 GPM flow rate, and this will ensure you never run out of hot water; this, of course, might happen if you try to push it to the limit, which is not possible.
It is very reliable in cold climates. Cold climates do not threaten to reduce the hot water efficiency in the slightest of reason. It has freeze protection for up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.


The price as stated earlier will be the only reason why several persons may not be able to acquire this unit. Also, the installation costs will be significant and also above the price list. However, it is certain that you will recover from these costs in the long run, but the cost to startup will be huge for some persons to handle.
Smaller households are not to use this unit; because it is too massive, however for ultimate hot water stability and efficient flow, it is hard to beat this unit. This unit is therefore recommended for large households only who have the budgets that can afford it.

Overview – Tankless Water Heater Reviews

To get informed and choose the best tankless water heater, there are lots of variables to be considered, and this includes the fuel for the heater. There are some that use gas while others use electric. Among the variables to consider is the climate you live in and the costs of installation, but then the ultimate factor is the money you have to pay to install them.

All the household don’t need a very large heater to function. Hence you have to choose the size that suits your household and with the need of the household make a choice that will be of value to you.
The ultimate drawback to the gas heater is the cost upfront. These heater units cost a little more, and since the indoor models need venting, it would cost a lot also to install these heaters.
The climate in the north have a high impact in the lower inlet water temperature than other parts of the country, hence households in the north are advised to buy a higher flow rate unit for better efficiency.